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How do i connect to development/local MySQL in Google App Engine (GAE) application?

Place mysql-connector jdbc jar here:


You can find location of your appEngineSDKBundle by: Project>Properties>Google>SDK>Configure

Configure Cloud/Local MySQL

Project>Properties> Google>  App Engine>

Enable (checkbox yes) Google Cloud SQL

App Engine SQL Instance – put any junk values here even if u don’t have Cloud SQL yet.

Select Radio button Use MySQL Instance, and hit configure link to configure.

Click OK and close

The Code

import com.google.cloud.sql.jdbc.Connection; //This is your Connection Class.


conn = (Connection) DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:google:rdbms://localhost:3306/root”);

Even though your code seems to point to Cloud, while running locally based on all the above configuration, it will actually point to your local MySQL instance.

See here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8952696/java-google-app-engine-and-google-cloud-sql-running-on-local-dev-server (Mark Scheel’s explanation)


Compare Cloud Computing Platforms

Platform OS Lang Data Tier
Amazon EC2 Linux
ANY Relational DB via AMIs
Simple DB (not rdbms)
Amazon Queue
Elastic Map Reduce
Microsoft Azure Windows .NET Windows Azure Storage
Windows SQL Azure
Google App Engine Google Infra. Java
Google File System
Big Table