How do i set Proxy for SVN?

If you are behind a firewall, that requires authentication, then you may need to ensure you have correct Proxy Settings for SVN to use.

On Windows:
Change to this directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Subversion
Open the ‘servers’ file found here.
Make sure you have an entry like the following here with appropriate values:

http-proxy-host= PROXY_HOSTNAME_OR_IP
http-proxy-port= NETWORK_PASSWORD
http-proxy-username= NETWORK_USERNAME
http-proxy-password= NETWORK_PASS
http-proxy-exceptions = IP_ADDR_OF_SVN_SERVER

Note that UserName (domain\username) and Password – are those that you use to logon to windows.

1. Many Corporate Proxies will block you (temporarily?) on repeated authentication failures. Therefore be aware of this possibility.
2. Try to authenticate yourself against your network say by logging off and logging into your system to ensure that your login credentials are still valid.
3. If you have Tortoise SVN then open:
Progarm Files > Torotiuse SVN > Settings > Network
Here make sure that appropriate Proxy Settings have been done.

If you and the SVN are within corporate firewall, it is a good idea to put the SVN IP Address in Exceptions textbox.
In the username field try entering your network username. (You can also try domain\username). Former(without domainname) worked for me.
Additionally hit the Edit button there, this will bring up the same file mentioned previously ‘servers’
Make sure this entry exists there (if your svn server is inside your firewall):
http-proxy-exceptions = IP_ADDR_OF_SVN_SERVER


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