What are good Java Profiling Tools?

Java Profiling Tools included in JDK:

Visual VM – <JDK_HOME>\bin\jvisualvm.exe

This is a very good visual tool, that automatically connects to all local java processes and provides details on them.

JConsole – <JDK_HOME>\bin\jconsole.exe

This is very similar to Visual VM.

JStat – <JDK_HOME>\bin\jstat.exe

This is Java Virtual Machine statistics monitoring tool. You need to know jvmid of the java vm to use it.

JHat – <JDK_HOME>\bin\jhat.exe

This is a Java Heap Analysis Tool.

Other Java Profiling Tools:

StackProbe Profiler


JRockit Mission Control


Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool


YourKit Java Profiler



4 responses

  1. Hi,
    I am using Eclipse MAT and JProfiler and i am sure that JProfiler is a much more advanced then MAT. Its a commercial s/w, but we can use 10 days evaluation copy.

  2. The stackprobe link is dead.

    1. Yes.. the stackprobe website appears to be down, wonder why.

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